What's Next

That India is a land of contrasts is not an over-statement. It is true that, it ranks 6th in the global billionaire list but it is equally true that it is home to a fourth of all undernourished people worldwide. Malnutrition is widely prevalent even though the country is the third largest economy in the world by GDP and is largely a self-sufficient producer of food.

Something is wrong. Drastically wrong.

Even though the per capita income has more than tripled over the last two decades, the minimum dietary intake has reduced during the same time period. Clearly, malnutrition remains a formidable challenge in India and we, at CFI, are determined to eradicate it from its roots. We want to be recognized as the biggest and the most reliable manufacturer of weaning and ready-to-eat micronutrient fortified food in India. Tamil Nadu has been our home ground. Here we have sharpened our skills, honed our techniques and delved deep into the industry dynamics, and for that we are grateful. But now the time has come to cross the borders and eradicate malnutrition in every nook and corner of the country.

We are constantly in touch with the State Governments of several Indian states and quite confident that we will be setting up operations beyond Tamil Nadu within the next few months. If you are keen to join our growth movement and want to know more about the promising opportunities available, contact us now!

In the near future

Hunger and poverty don’t discriminate amongst people of different nationalities. Worldwide, almost a billion people do not have enough to eat. They largely belong to developing nations in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

At CFI, we believe in the ancient Sanskrit saying: Vasudeva Kutumbaka i.e. the world is a family. This isn’t just a belief, but a scientific reality. In a inter-linked and inter-dependent economy, anything that happens elsewhere in the world has got ramifications on us too. The solution lies in not trying to escape, rather waging the battle.

At CFI, we have laid down our game-plan for the future. In the next 5 years we want to be recognized as a global player to be reckoned with in the sphere of eradication of malnutrition. Watch this space for more!