BIS (Bureau Of Indian Standards) Certified Food

  • IS 4684: 1975 - Edible Groundnut Cake Flour (Expeller Pressed)

Edible Groundnut flour is a rich source of dietary protein providing up to 31g per cup i.e. 60g. Other than protein, it is also a good source of dietary fibre, thiamine, folate, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, copper and several other vitamins and nutrients. Traditionally, it has been a part of staple diet in many parts of India.

The Indian Standard for preparing Groundnut Cake Flour was first created in 1968 and then revised in 1975. It has been formulated in collaboration with the Protein Foods and Nutrition Development Association of India. At CFI, we follow strict controls and processes to meet the stipulated standards and manufacture highly nutritious Groundnut Cake Flour.

  • IS 11536: 2007 - Processed Cereal Based Complementary Food

Processed cereal based complementary food help an infant’s digestive tract to gradually adjust to solid foods. It serves as an important source of calories to meet the growing energy requirements of a growing infant. Cereals are introduced at 4 months of age and the intake is slowly increased until 8 months, when almost half of the total intake is from milk and remaining from cereals and a variety of other foods. At this stage, milk almost completely meets the protein requirements, while cereals and/or other foods meet the energy requirements.

This standard i.e. IS 11536: 2007, was first published in 1985 and then revised in 1997. At CFI, we keenly monitor the entire sourcing, manufacturing and distribution process to ensure that the end product meets the stipulated quality requirements. Regular tests ensure that all criteria, ranging from quality of ingredients and manufacturing conditions to bacteriological specifications and packing and marking, are all as per government recommendations.

  • IS 7021: 1973 - Protein Rich Food Supplement for Infant and Preschool Children

In India, the supply of milk proteins has been limited. Therefore, the government has made considerable effort towards utilizing vegetable proteins to tackle protein malnutrition. The Indian Standards Institution adopted this standard i.e. IS 7021, in 1973 to guide manufacturers regarding the exact nutritional requirements of protein rich food supplements.

This standard prescribes specifications for protein rich food supplements for infants and preschool children between 18 months and 5 years of age. At CFI, we follow this standard with due diligence at every step of sourcing, manufacturing and distribution. Routine tests at every stage of the manufacturing process ensure that the end product meets the nutritional requirements of growing children.

  • IS 12981: 1991 - Iron Fortified Common Salt

Anaemia, caused due to Iron deficiency, is a major health problem in India. Women of child-bearing age, pregnant women and pre-school children are the most vulnerable to this debilitating condition. The cause of Iron deficiency is the inadequate consumption of dietary Iron or its insufficient absorption because of a predominantly cereal based diet.

Fortifying edible common salt with dietary iron has been found to be an effective measure in increasing dietary intake of Iron. This standard was finalized by the Acids, Alkalies and Halides Sectional Committee, approved by the Chemicals Division Council and adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards. At CFI, we follow the government stipulated requirements and methods of sampling and testing of Iron fortified common salt.