Supply Chain

Supply Chain /Partner Network

We have over 500 vendors across India to meet our delivery targets.

At Christy Friedgram Industry, sourcing quality raw materials on time is one of our highest priorities. Despite climatic or geo-political changes, our factory never stops working. Our pan-India supply chain network ensures that our godowns remain stocked at all times to to enable us to achieve our delivery targets.

We deal with over 500 vendors across India. We manage our relationships with them through a set of rigorous processes and protocols to ensure consistent quality. To begin with, our Purchase Department maintains an updated database of Vendors across India. Vendors that are shortlisted are first informed of our requisitions and quality standards. Those that fit the requirement submit their details and a minimum of 3 samples.

The samples are tested by the Quality Department and passed through stringent checks. If the results are clear, the Vendor is provided a Vendor Code and asked to deliver a minimum quantity of the raw material commercially. Even the samples from commercial supply is tested by the Quality Department. Only after all the test results are clear, do we take our association further. Even after a vendor is brought on roll, we conduct frequent surprise visits to examine their facility as well as the raw materials. These processes enable us to rate our vendors and update the ratings on a regular basis.