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List of Products

A variety of milled products, instant mixes, health mix, grains & pulses and spices and condiments are offered.

Rice & Seed

Quinoa Chia Seed Flax Seed
Cookies Cookies Cookies
Black Rice Brown Rice Rye Grain
Cookies Cookies Cookies

Rice & Seed

Small White Millet Flakes Cookies Corn Flakes, Corn flakes coated with Strawberry & Apple Cookies Wheat Flakes Cookies
Quinoa Flakes Cookies Black Rice Flakes Cookies Brown Rice Flakes Cookies
Ragi Flakes Cookies Multigrain Flakes Cookies Barley Flakes Cookies
Sorghum & Pearl Flakes Cookies

Spices (மசாலா)

Turmeric Powder Cookies Coriander Powder Cookies Chilly Powder Cookies
Sambar Masala Cookies Rasam MasalaCookies Pepper Powder Cookies
Jeera Powder Cookies Briyani Masala Cookies Mutton Masala Cookies Chicken Masala Cookies

Pulses & Cereals

Finger millet (Ragi) Flour, Grit, Sooji & Daliya Cookies Bengal Gram Dhal Flour Cookies Sorghum (Jowar) Flour & Sooji Cookies Pearl (Bajra) Flour & SoojiCookies
Small White Foxtail, Little, Kodo & Banyard) Millet Flour & Grit Cookies Barley Flour & Daliya Cookies Friedgram FlourCookies White & Brown Channa FlourCookies
Wheat Flour, Daliya & SoojiCookies Red Rice Flour Cookies Brown & Black Rice FlourCookies Maize (Corn flour, Meal & Grits)Cookies
Moong Dal flourCookies Horse Gram Cookies Buck WheatCookies Amarnath SeedCookies
Black & White SesameCookies GroundnutCookies


Finger Millet Ragi MultiGrain Foxtail Millet
cookies Cookies cookies Cookies cookies Cookies
Quinoa Rye
cookies Cookies cookies Cookies


Ragi Bite centre filled with Chocolate, Vanilla & StrawberryCookies Ragi Chocos & Crunch Cookies
Corn Flakes Mixture Cookies Coconut Milk Murukku Cookies
Potato Stick Cookies Moong Dal Fry Cookies
Multigrain Thin snacks Cookies Puffed Rice Cookies

Health Bar

Groundnut Bar Cookies White Millet Bar Cookies
Quinoa Bar Cookies Almond Bar Cookies
Chia Seed Bar Cookies

Jaggery(Brown sugar

Jaggery Ball both Yellow & Black Cookies Jaggery powder Cookies Jaggery Cubes Cookies

Instant Mixes

Little Millet Pongal Mix Cookies Multigrain Upma Mix Cookies Wheat Coriander Kichadi Mix Cookies Foxtail Millet Payasam Mix Cookies
Foxtail Millet Adai Dosa Mix Cookies Finger Miller (Ragi) Upma Mix Cookies Banyard ( Kuthiravalli) Millet Biryani Mix Cookies Pearl Millet (Bajra) Upma Mix Cookies
Sorghum Millet (Jowar) Upma MixCookies Ragi Oats Red Rice Dosa MixCookies Vermicelli Kheer Mix Cookies Multigrain Porridge MixCookies
Processed Sooji Cookies Tamarind Rice Mix PasteCookies Tomato Rice Mix Paste Cookies Tamarind Rice Mix PowderCookies

Rice & Seed

Onion Cookies Ginger Cookies Garlic Cookies Tomato Cookies
Ginger Garlic Cookies Tamarind Cookies Onion Garlic Cookies Onion Ginger Cookies
White Channa Cookies Cooked ChannaCookies